X-BLADES increase grip,
speed and stability

The X-Blades do not require any modification
on original skates’ supports.

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X-Blades superior performance now available
for goaltenders!

X-Blades for goaltender’s skates are higher, allowing a sharper angle of inclination,
a firmer grip and an improved recovering capacity.

Conventional blades are too short. Therefore, the pads touch the ice too early
and the angle of inclination is limited to 45°, which reduces the grip.

A better grip

The X-BLADES are 1 cm higher,
for a steeper angle of inclination of 39°.
That’s a gain of 13.3 % that increases the grip
and facilitates recovery from lower stances.

Faster movements

The ends of the X-BLADES are extended and have
a 3° additional clearing. This generates a stronger
grip and more powerful pushes, providing quicker
vertical and lateral movements when the goaltender
is down on the ice.

Less effort, more energy

By optimizing stability,
the X-BLADES minimizes fatigue and injuries.


Simply more efficient.

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